A Faith That Does Justice



Mission Statement

We are a faith-based community that strives to live a faith that does justice. Guided by Ignatian spirituality and open to the richness of other religious traditions, we explore the values of our diverse cultural and spiritual heritages that transform us from an experience of God’s love, to compassion for those who are suffering, and finally to action on behalf of a justice that allows all God’s people to participate in a fair share of the goods of God’s creation.

The last few months have been very busy for us:  In September, we sponsored a talk by Deacon Jim vargas on Homelessness.  Deacon Vargas is the CEO of Fr. Joe’s Villages.  Since that time we have held several meetings to address this issue and will continue to address it in the future.


In October we focused on the duty of Voting and we were joined by Councilmember David Alvarez who shared his religious perspective on civic participation.  Since that time we have been very engaged in trying to get out the vote through the parish of Our Lady of Guadalupe.


In November, we celebrated the citizenship journeys of some folks that A Faith that Does Justice has helped to become U. S. citizens.  It was a wonderful opportunity to focus on what can happen when we put our faith into action.


In December, with our Posada/Potluck, we gathered at tables to speak about out own experiences of welcome and hospitality while listening to immigrants from Afghanistan, El Salvador and Haiti.  As we heard their stories and shared our own, we were reminded of Joseph and Mary looking for a place to stay in Bethlehem.

We gather at tables on December 6 to talk about welcome, hospitality and the stories of our refugee brothers and sisters.

Our next meeting will be in January, not the first Tuesday because it comes too close to the New Year, but rather on January 10.