A FAITH THAT DOES JUSTICE INVITES YOU TO- Learn about the root causes for violence in Central America that result in the forced migration of thousands. Tuesday, February 12, at 6:15 (Parish Hall)


We welcome your call or email to any member of our church staff. 

Rev. John Auther, S.J.      
Pastor/Párroco            Ext. 214 

Rev. Neal. José  ‘Pepe” Wilkinson, S.J.     
Associate Pastor     Ext. 216 

Mrs. Vivian A. Toscano  
Coordinator of Parish Ministry  
vtoscano@olgsd.org      Ext.  215        

Sr. Lourdes Barboza CVI. 
Coordinator of Pastoral Outreach
srlourdescvi@olgsd.org      Ext.  219

Miss Hilda Tapia      
Faith Formation             Ext.  217  

Miss Maricruz Flores      
Youth Ministry     
(619) 677-3366           

Marcial Lopez
Young Adult Ministry   Ext.  302                                                                                                      MLopez@olgsd.org

Mrs. Bertha Olivas    
Secretary                       Ext.  210

Miss Griselda Saldaña
Bookkeeper & Secretary     Ext.  218



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Our Lady of Guadalupe

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